A very special customer: the SCHWARZHUBER from Munich got its mobile stall these days. A brutally ingenious customer, with whom we enjoy working together!

But look for yourself:

After 3 weeks of construction, the mobile barn (Profi) was completed in early March 2019. The barn in Munich offers space for 1,500 chickens. We talked to Mr. “Brutal-Regional” Alexander Grünwald and asked him a few questions about our stable:

How did you become aware of mobile stalls built by Steiner Automation?
Through a video on the Internet and through the mobile poultry association.

How long have you had chickens?
Since May 2016.

How are your eggs marketed?
Through various automatic vending machines, resellers and from the farm.

Where does the food for the animals come from?
The feed comes exclusively from the bavarian region (Adamhof, Augsburg)

How satisfied are you with the setup?
Construction was very fast and the workmanship is top-notch.

Why did you choose a mobile solution?
The animal welfare and the egg price. The customer sees the product. And the changing pastures guarantee a great egg quality.

How did you feel about moving the chicken coop?
It worked very well and was done with a 120 hp tractor. But I think a smaller tractor would also do.