Family Kraul, Aron and the mobile barn PROFI

We get many requests. On our website, by phone or via email. And sometimes such requests are somehow special. And so, it happended with the Kraul family from Lübeck. In mid-2018 we were contacted by Sophie and Jonathan because they planned to take over the “Unterer Berghof” in the Schwarzwald region and to manage it in a “biodynamic” manner. Biodynamic means, that the entire company functions as a cycle in which soil, plants, animals and people are integrated and as little external resources as possible are added. Sounds exciting, we thought!

Part of the plan was to purchase a mobile henhouse and thus establish egg production on the new grounds. Ultimately, the Kraul family chose our mobile henhouse PROFI, which now is the home for 1950 hens and 50 roosters in accordance with Demeter guidelines. Demeter stipulates, among other things, that at least 50% of the feed must come from one’s own company or Demeter cooperation partners.

Dog Aron guards the mobile henhouse so that everything is in order. In the barn itself, the TOUCH barn computer ensures regular operation. The chickens also feel good and thank them with numerous eggs.

More information about the Kraul family, the “Unterer Berghof” and the construction of the mobile henhouse can be found here:

A video of the farm: