The island farmers of Amrum on TV – including our mobile barn COMPACT

About the Martinen family from Amrum, the COMPACT mobile stable and the NDR documentary.

Yesterday I called Oke Martinen (junior manager) to ask how the family is doing, with the COMPACT and the egg business in general.
I say: “Hello Oke, how are you? I hope you are still a satisfied customer? ”.
He says: “NO!” And clears his throat.
I swallow.
He says: “I am a VERY satisfied customer!” And laughs about it.

We could of course write a lot here now. About the customer, how good our barn and how economical its management is, and so on. But the NDR (Nothern german TV) researched this independently with the Martinen family and documented it in words and video.

So, please see for yourself:,sendung1201744.html

The only thing left so say is THANK YOU to the Martinen family. Fortune favours the brafe!

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