NEW: Mobile barn PLUS – Perfect technology for up to 1250 laying hens

When the developers and designers bustle around with shining eyes here on the company premises, there is usually a specific reason: a new product is being finished.

In this case we can announce: the “Mobile barn PLUS” – for up to 1200 laying hens – will be available in series from January 15th, 2022 on.

Barn technology for up to 1250 laying hens – delivered ready-made
The PLUS is technically on a par with our top models CLASSIC and PRO, so it is fully insulated, fully automated and can be equipped with all of our technical finesse. The big advantage of the PLUS: it is delivered ready-made and is therefore ready for immediate use after a short set-up. This product closes the gap between the COMPACT for small groups and the on-site built PRO models for up to 2550 laying hens.

Ideal for modern chicken farmers with a sense for sustainability and animal welfare!

Worthwhile development effort
Our wealth of experience, from almost 30 years of development in the field of barn technology and mobilefarming, was thrown into balance for the PLUS project. After many hours of development, construction and simulation, the first pre-series models have been delivered to selected customers and tested for a few weeks now. The response from day-to-day operations has so far been overwhelmingly positive and encourages us to continue to stay in the development fast lane.