Mobile barn CLASSIC

Our upper middle class!

The CLASSIC from STEINER automation is a well-arranged henhouse, with integrated fodder silo, ample space within the barn and a reliable and well tested aviary . All the advantages of this high-quality aviariy, such as a protected, central egg belt, easy cleaning and manure removal, enables efficient working conditions. Paired with perfectly matched automation technology that supports, controls, records and regulates daily operations, you get a mobile barn that keeps you and your livestock happy and workload as low as possible.


  • Space for 1040, 1465 laying hens free-range or 800*, 1100* in organic farming
  • Separated 2 x 5m foyer for technology, storage and egg collection
  • Egg collection in the foyer, with electric egg belt
  • Easy manure removal via electric manure belts
  • Integrated silo for up to 3 t fodder storage
  • Filling the silo from outside, by front loader or pneumatically
  • Smart “TOUCH” barn computer
  • High precision electronic water metering
  • Fully automatic control of feed, climate, nest, outlets and LED lighting
  • Automatically controlled supply / exhaust air flaps
  • Fully insulated Walls and roof
  • Fully insulated floor

Optionally, a self-sufficient version with integrated water tank, solar system and batteries is available.

Other extras: e.g. Fully automatic dosing pump, automatic animal scale, automatic silo weighing, telephone alarm, remote access via smartphone, PC or tablet on request.

(* according to EU organic regulations with winter garden)


In order to comply with the common organic guidelines, our mobile homes are structurally and technically modified accordingly:

  • Additional  chicken runs
  • Winter garden
  • More window area
  • Aviary for organic farming
Mobile barn OVERVIEW
Mobile barn PRO