We are happy to present the mobile henhouse “MOBILE BARN COMPACT REARING”!

Based on the COMPACT 650 for laying hens, a mobile barn was developed in cooperation with experienced farmers that meets the high requirements of poultry rearing. Special highlight: the COMPACT REARING barn is delivered ready to use.


  • ~ 37 sqm floor area  (3 m  x 12,40 m) & 5 sqm anteroom
  • Fodder line for rearing to be wound up
  • Water line for rearing to be wound up
  • Steiner Touch housing computer with 10.1″ touch screen
  • Fully separated anteroom in the front
  • 22,5 kW indirect Diesel Hot Air Generator in the anteroom with exhaust pipe to the outside incl. 30 litre tank
  • Power & water distribution in the anteroom
  • Manure removal via door (1m width) in the rear
  • Air inlet claps – automatically controlled
  • Exhaust air via automatically controlled fan in the rear side
  • Motorized chicken-run on one side, controlled by housing computer (positioned on the ridge side)
  • Fodder sack for storage of 2 tons in the anteroom with pneumatic filling pipe
  • Automatic feeding with floor flood pan feeder
  • Lighting: Dimmable LED tubes
  • External stairs (hook in)
  • Fully automatic control of feed, climate, nest, outlets and LED lighting


  • 2,5 kW electric heating lamps
  • Fully automatic dosing pump
  • Alarming via phone (SMS and call)
  • Remote access via smartphone, PC or tablet
  • Hydraulic chassis
  • Automatic animal weighing
  • Fully automatic CO2 dependant ventilation package
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Filling conveyor for fodder sack from outside
  • Automatc weighing of fodder sack