We at Steiner are longtime poultry farmers and producers of egg products. And from this experience stems the know-how for the best in barn technology. And nothing has been doing better than aviaries of Fienhage. Especially the Fienhage aviary Easy 100.

One outstanding feature of Fienhage’s newly developed Easy 100 aviary is its central egg-collecting belt. What this means in practice is that there is no longer any need to gather the eggs that have been laid. The lines of nests are likewise arranged in an optimised manner to ensure that daily checks can be carried out easily.

Advantages of the Fienhage aviary Easy 100:

– Clear overview of the facility
– Easy monitoring of livestock
– Optimum use of available floorspace, even with limited roof height
– Simple addition and removal of livestock
– Nests are easy to clean
– There is no need to gather the eggs that have been laid
– Straightforward, smooth-running operation
– Reliable supply of feed to each level
– The protected central collection belt helps keep the eggs clean
– Uniform distribution of droppings
– Carefully processed materials

The items in our Easy range are available in various widths. This allows us to customize them for incorporation into virtually any henhouse.