An optimized fodder mixing system is of great importance for each facility. By using ourhousing computers, different fodder mixing systems can be employed and adapted to fulfill your requirements.

Dynamic Fodder Mixing with damp corn
The dynamic fodder mixing system in combination with the software option ALPHA-SPECIAL offers the possibility to mix up to eight components including damp corn/damp maize for up to 8 stables. Your own fodder can therefore be directly and cost-effectively manufactured at your facility. Through the fresh preparation, fodder can be fed according to the animal’s actual nutrient needs.

Conventional silos and of all damp corn silos of all designs and kinds can be integrated into the system, from which the individual components are continuously added by percentage and directly distributed into the barns.

Futter mischen - FeuchtmaisFutter mischen - Feuchtmais Übersicht

Therefore, in the contrary to systems with one weighing container, substantially larger quantities of fodder is producible and can furthermore, due to intelligent algorithms, be supplied directly for each individual barn or compartment with the correct recipe. Additional mills and agitators can be easily integrated, or if necessary oil can be added.

Fodder Mixing with weighing container
Our housing computers offer the possibility to mix fodder out of up to eight components via a weighing container. Valuable self-grown cultivation like e.g. grain can be supplemented with additional auxiliary components and therefore be converted into high-quality mixed fodder. Costs can be saved and fodder be supplied according the nutritional requirements of the animals.
Futter mischen - Futterwaage

Silos of all kinds can be integrated into the system, from which the individual components are added by percentage into a weighing container or a weighing mixer.

On sensor request, the containers content is emptied into the fodder hopper of the respective barn. 10 individual starting times per barn are available to supply the feeding places with fodder from the fodder hopper.

Feeding of ready-made fodder
Time-controlled, each barn can be fed individually with ready-made fodder stored in a silo. By means of statistics fodder consumption can be constantly supervised.