Mobile barn PROFI for Forthuber

THREE QUESTIONS with which the Forthuber family from Uttendorf dealt intensively at the beginning of 2016:

  • How can existing farm be expanded according to the trend of times?
  • How can grains, corn and soy from their own production be refined best?
  • How to manage species-appropriate husbandry?

THE ANSWER is short: with Steiner’s fully automated mobile barn.

So in November 2016, 2500 chickens moved into the farm’s own mobile barn. “The reasons to buy a mobile barn are quickly told,” says Karl Forthuber, “because of the cramped village location, the construction of a regular barn was almost out of question. So we looked at mobile solution to use one of our pastures as an alternative. “

” Steiner mobile barns were the most appealing to us from the very beginning,” continues Karl Forthuber: “Being able to accommodate up to 2,500 chickens has convinced us just as much as its clear layout, generous foyer, easy egg collection and automation of almost every routine workstep. And then I would like to state, that it’s great, if such a project is dealt with quickly. All the costs, technical details and deadlines were fixed right from the beginning, so there was no delay or financial uncertainty for us, unlike a conventional construction site. “

On schedule, after final assembly at the farm of the family, the mobile barn was pulled with a tractor to the intended parking space into the pasture. He now commutes between four positions and offers his chickens optimal pasture conditions and a happy existence. The laid eggs are mainly marketed through the own farm shop. The fooder stems exclusively from the fields of Uttendorf. “It’s logical,” says Karl Forthuber with a grin, “the need to be really tasty – our Mobilstall eggs”.